A Closer Look at the Effects of PhenQ – Bauer Nutrition’s Highly Efficient “Phen-Alternative” Product

Produced as a Phen alternative by a company with extensive background in the weight loss industry, Phenq is an effective fat burning supplement promising fast results and an overall safe experience.

As it is based on the same research that has led to the development of Phentermine, also known as α-Dimethylphenethylamine, it is understandable why many people became uneasy remembering the many possible adverse effects of Phentermine and the fact that the drug can only be administered by medical professionals. However, these diet pills are available as a safer alternative, while providing similar appetite suppressing results as well as a potent fat burning experience.

Phentermine vs. Phenq – What Is the Real Difference?

So how does the product stand out when it’s compared to Phentermine? Unlike the latter, you will not require a doctor’s prescription to take Phen, even though it is prudent to check with your doctor prior to ordering it, in case there is anything in your medical history that should cause you to be careful about using diet pills based on its main ingredients.

The powerful appetite suppressing qualities of Phentermine are enhanced through a new formula that was completed using natural and 100% safe ingredients. In contrast with Phentermine’s suppression of the CKK intestinal hormone, which, although may lead to temporary appetite suppression, will eventually cause the body to increase the amount of calories converted into fat, Phenq uses a different approach.

Its ingredients target weight loss in particular, from several different sides at the same time. It increases energy levels and boosts your metabolism, it manages to prevent additional fat deposits from being created, and it even improves your mood. Essentially, Phen safely combines the positive effects of ingredients included in several efficient dietary supplements to promote weight loss in a more elegant and holistic way.

According to Bauer Nutrition, the manufacturers of the product, it is essential that their dosage and intake guidelines be followed precisely. Two pills per day is the ideal dosage – and users should never exceed it – and Bauer discourages anyone from taking the second pill past 3 PM, since the effects may not wear off by bed time, resulting in insomnia.

You can also visit online and read phenq customer reviews to get more information.

About the Manufacturer

Phenq was developed by Bauer Nutrition, a company with more than a decade of experience in producing safe and effective weight loss products. The company employs numerous researchers and experts in nutrition, medicine and fitness, in order to ensure best results.

Bauer is known for popularizing drugs like Proactol XS and Meratol, and they only use 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to ensure complete safety. Also, their experts seek to balance the world of western medicine with the wisdom of holistic healing to produce new, highly effective supplements that are based on more natural, side-effect-free formulas.

While Bauer’s products are manufactured in facilities cleared by the FDA, their products have not received the same commendation. However, products like Phenq are based on Bauer’s well-chosen ingredients that have all been thoroughly tested by scientists over the years and proven to be the ideal choices for promoting fat burning and appetite suppression in a safe and easy manner.

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